A terrible start for France

A terrible start for France is a small set of garden furniture. It’s made of aspen, often considered as a crap material, used for pulp or matches, but it works definitely well for other purposes – try it yourself! The wood is a bit fibrous, but that is more like a challenge than a problem.

A terrible start for France is built up by a rigid and simple structure – one dimension of the material, lap joints and some green paint on the legs. The model is the pitch.

A terrible start for France

During this summer I am quiet occupied with the European championships in Football, hosted by France. A terrible start for France is a statement about the first half of the game between Albania and France, when France played terribly bad. (They made a good second half though – the star of the team, Antoine Griezmann, started on the bench but showed his skills in the second half, scoring an important goal in the 90th minute.)

But football is more than just football. And a European championship is more than a European championship.

It has to do with nationalism and politics. The terror threat is obvious, particularly since the Charlie Hebdo shooting in Paris and the suicide bombers in Belgium. The championship is a perfect target – it is crowded, it has a huge media coverage, it is located in the heart of the European identity and economy.

But the championship is also reflecting the tensions inside Europe. The fans of Russia and England made riots in Marseille. Thousands of English supporters had to flee from the combat-ready Russian supporters. But England made a counterstrike and forced the Russians back. During the fight you could hear – fight for England, fight for England! And on a Twitter account the Russian politician Igor Vladimirovitj Lebedev wrote: “I do not see anything awful in the fights. On the contrary, well done by other guys! Keep on!”

Well. A terrible start for France is connected to a number of crucial issues – gender, terrorism, nationalism, political power. A set of garden furniture is obviously more than a set of garden furniture.


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