The Mill of the Woods

Göta Franzén, my grandmother’s sister, is selling her house. It is an old soldier's homestead ('soldattorp') where she has lived most of her life. She grew up on a farm about one kilometer east of the house, and got the house as a kind of informal payment, since she was the youngest sibling, and stayed home for taking care of the aging parents.

Today Göta has moved to a home for the elderly, she has lost most of her eyesight and quite a lot of her hearing, so the only option was to move. Her brothers and sisters are already dead, most of her friends as well.

We are preparing the house for the sale. Choosing objects to keep, cleaning up. What is found are histories of old societies – glimpses of lost worlds. Many of the objects were used in the agricultural society, some belongs to the industrial era, when the area relied on the glass factories.

I have picked wood from Göta’s old barn, I could not manage to care of more than half of it, but it is still a lot.

The barn

The stool The mill of the woods is built of some pieces of pine wood from Göta’s old barn. The technical part of the project is old school: Half-blind dove tails, traditional color, nothing is perfect but full of tradition and feeling.

The name of the stool is stolen from the name of the village – Hultakvarn in Swedish means the mill (‘kvarn’) of the woods (‘hult’, german ‘holz’).

Picture from the painting below.

 The Mill of the Woods

 Fredrik Sandblad || 2016-09-04