Meat is Murder

Meat Is Murder is an album and a song from 1985, by the Smiths, their second album actually. The album was popular, especially among students, and the last track, Meat is murder, forced fans to become vegetarians.

The Smiths, Meat is Murder (cover)

Morrissey made the cover. It is based on a black and white photo depicting a young American soldier in the Vietnam War. He wears a tight t-shirt, a combat helmet, and carries some equipment for communication on his back. The letters on the helmet says “Meat is murder”. Here are some lines from the song:

Closer comes the screaming knife

This beautiful creature must die

This beautiful creature must die

A death for no reason

And death for no reason is murder


And the calf that you carve with a smile is murder

And the turkey you festively slice is murder

Do you know how animals die?

Who hears when animals cry? 

Many years ago I became aware of the horror of the meat industry – bad life conditions for the animals, no real respect for quality. Well, there is just no reason to eat meat, as far as I can see. The climate suffers from the meat production, and the animals are treated disrespectfully. Today I am a vegetarian, and I will never change this behavior.

The cutting board below is not a butcher’s block, it’s designed for vegetables, nuts, fruits, and so on. It is made of oak in one piece (no glue or joints), from local forests. Surface treatment: Oil.

Meat is Murder, Cutting board

Fredrik Sandblad || 2016-12-26