A ruin is the present in drag

52 ruins #27–38

It has been an awesome weekend in the south-west of Region Kronoberg. Hedrén, Lundgren and I visited 12 ruins of different kinds – the highlights were Gustafsfors' works (industries, powerstation and dungeon)Byvärma northern åbro (an old bridge and floodway) and Skagaholm (a medieval castle in a tremendous setting).

We stayed in the area one night in a mobile trailer – that fits our nomadic lifestyle perfect – in Sjöared on the border between Småland and Halland.

Please enjoy the movie below. I composed and recorded the sountrack to the film a few years ago, and I found that it carries the same feeling as the lifestyle of a ruin tracker. The danish title Et skud i Tågen in translation: A bullet in the fog.


2017-06-18 || Fredrik Sandblad